Monday, October 22, 2007

Yunnan Provincial Museum

The weather was cool with overcast skies, so we decided to spend some of the day indoors. We pass this museum when we head downtown for our Saturday shopping and say just about each time, "Let's go there someday". "Someday" was Sunday. The museum is divided into three sections: 1) the ancient Dian bronze wares, 2) ancient Buddhist objects of art and 3) a temporary exhibit of "Treasures" - precious gems on loan. The bronze wares were discovered SW of Kunming about 50 years ago and now much is known about a civilization that was once here. The Buddhist art objects were unearthed a mere 30 years ago from the nearby (and touristy) town of Dali. We enjoyed another Sunday of history and geography. I was surprized on how the museum's collections kept the kids' attention for two hours!

A bronze object dusted with gold.

Carlos standing in front of an image of a life-size warrior of long, long ago. He's just about the size of an ancient warrior! And maybe the same size...the statue is mounted on a 2-3 inch base.

Here's Gustavo to show the size comparison of modern man and ancient warrior. But it does sometimes feel as though (to a 5'7", size L) that the Chinese are STILL that small!

A golden Buddah in all its glory.

One of the many images of Buddah on display.

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