Sunday, October 28, 2007

Zoo time

It was a beautiful autumn Sunday - blue skies, sun and temps in the low 70's, so we headed to the zoo. The Kunming Zoo is quite a nice park and big. Today, we saw about one-third of the exhibits; mainly birds, monkeys and the larger animals such as bears, elephants, the big cats, etc. There is also a butterfly house, reptile house, an aquarium, a flower and plant garden, and two amusements parks for kids. It'll be a nice place to visit again during the year. We had a nice afternoon but had a heck of a time returning. We had to wait over an hour for our bus, then it passed us because it was at capacity. During the next fifteeen minutes, 3 more buses came... and again passed us. Finally, the next packed bus stopped and let us on. Meanwhile, Elena fell asleep and poor Gustavo had to carry her and I feared that Carlos would be trampled on. We were smothered in that bus and luckily only had 4 stops to bear. That was our worst bus experience to date. After, at our "corner store", we treated ourselves to some well-deserved ice cream!

The entrance: Looks like the Detroit Zoo, no?! yes?!!

Map: Yay for pictures and the word "welcome".

2007 is the Year of the Pig. (The 2008 zodiac animal is the Rat)

There are many huge cedar trees.

A relaxing scene::

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