Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carlos also gets a haircut

Between the AM and PM school sessions, I took Carlos to the same barber that I visited yesterday. He didn't want to go to the "outside barber", but also didn't want to get his hair washed with the "inside barber". After he was assured that he didn't have to have his hair washed first, off we went. The price of his cut was Y5 ($0.65). Mine was Y8. Why the difference? I don't know. Maybe because it's the child's rate, a cut with no wash or the old double standard that females pay more than males for services like haircuts? Elena stayed back with her Papi. Her hair grows so slowly that she won't be due for a haircut until the end of the year. And if I'm charged Y8 for her cut, I'll have my answer! Here are a couple of scenes:

The "before ":

And the "after".

Notice that the barber is wearing a hot pink shirt. Chinese guys love to wear pink! Light blue is considered a feminine color. So when you see a baby in China dressed from head to toe in blue, most likely that screams "I'm a girl!". And the same in pink? Probably a boy, because the color red (and it's various shades and hues) is considered "masculine" and a symbol of power. Oh, how our culturally-ingrained minds get fooled!

Carlos loves his haircut. When he returned to school, ALL FORTY-NINE of his classmates just couldn't resist giving his head a rub!

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KittyCat said...

Hola! You're kidding, right? Most of my son's stuff is blue/light blue, which means the poor kid's gonna be a new age guy on the block =)