Saturday, October 13, 2007

Students, Desks and a Chalkboard

Here is a typical classroom setting for me. I'm in different rooms, but they all look the same. The exception is the room I use for the Oral/Speaking classes. It has tables that can be arranged, not rows of desks bolted to the floor.

This is my view of a class of third year students - the Friday afternoon section of Survey of English-Speaking Countries. I think they're smiling because it's Friday or they're nervous because the oral reports will begin shortly!

This is the class view of the classroom. I never stand at the podium, towering above the students. I prefer to talk at ground level.

The College of Applied Arts is where all my classes are held. The building is situated between a massive library and a small dorm, therefore, I can't get a full front or rear view photo.

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Majewski Family said...

Ann, I have caught up on your Oct. posts. Thanks so much for taking us along on your journey!