Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trains and New Friends

Sunday started out as wet and dreary, so we decided to visit the Yunnan Railway Museum, only a short bus ride away. It was a nice museum and gave us a bit of a history and geography lesson of the railway system between Kunming and Vietnam. We and our Thomas the Tank Engine fans enjoyed the displays. It was also a good preparation to our upcoming February trip to Chengdu and the Panda Preserve which we plan to do by train.

A beautiful mural depicting the golden days of train travel.

A model of a famous bridge on the Yunnan-Vietnam line.

A couple of "boxcar willies". I don't even know what a "boxcar willie" is! It just sounds poetic. Isn't there a kids' book series with "boxcar" in the title?

One of my students, Susie, has been wanting to introduce us to a New Zealand couple that she and her boyfriend Henry knows. On Sunday evening, we finally met. Henry is Lew's Chinese language tutor. Lew and Kris have been coming to China, and most recently to Kunming, for several years. However, this is the first year they will stay the entire year. In past years, they would come for 4-5 month stints. Lew works in agriculture (his speciality is fruit trees) and Kris recently started teaching a few hours a week English to pre-schoolers. They are a wonderful couple and Kris and I have a lot in common - i.e. mainly looking for an English-speaking friend who is not twenty-something and single! They live in the western section of town where many of the ex-pats live. Kris will show me the sights of that side of town soon.

That's Henry in the middle and Lew and Kris. Susie took the picture.

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Hola, que tal familia, burdos alvarado, bueno me parecio hermosas las fotos el restaurant, y se veen todos muy felices eso es importante los niƱos se ven bien grande como siempre Carlitos al lado de su mami, y la Elenita al lado de su papi, que linda familia, con Gustavito recien llegamos del centro, fuimos a peluqueria, y nos vinimos a casa, entre a ver tu blogspot, bueno siganla pasando tan bien como se veen ahi, saludos a todos , chaolyn saludos de todos a todos Julia