Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coffee Tuesday Update

After a couple of months of trying out coffee at different places, we now just go to two favorites - unless there is a compelling reason to get on a bus and also do some shopping. Salvador's is our favorite - great coffee and a soft bagel that is the closest to toasted bread that one can get here. They also have free refills until 2 pm ( three cups is just the right amount) and offer a free cup after purchasing 8 cups. The French Cafe is also good. A bonus is they serve wonderful crepes. The owners are a mid-thirties (French) couple with 2 kids: a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. They have been in Kunming for nine years and Monique has been giving me the low-down on Chinese schools and the first grade from a foreigner's perspective.

There are many, many places to get coffee. Yunnan Province provides the plants for China's domestic coffee industry and it's good! A lot of independent stores exist, such as Jazz Island Coffee and UBC Coffee. No Starbucks in Kunming yet, which I don't mind because I don't like Fivebucks Coffee anyway! We actually could have coffee everyday at home if we wanted to. There are coffee makers, ground coffee and filters to buy. I'm doing fine having tea during the week. And if we had our own brewed coffee, we wouldn't have our Tuesday treat!

At Salvador's...

Coffee and the newspaper (the China Daily) ...we LOVE Tuesday mornings!

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Majewski Family said...

Ann and Gustavo, I love seeing you at the coffee shop! As you know I live for coffee so this post is right up my alley:)