Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Zoo Photos

As nice as the Kunming Zoo grounds are, Chinese zoos in general are way behind in providing the animals a "natural-like habitat" as seen in American zoos. Many of the animals are in cages (as evident from the photos) and they still have circus-like animal performances.

Luckily, this giraffe has tree leaves to munch on.

Maybe this says the elephants are here on loan from somewhere for the year???

The kids were surprized to see brown, not grey, elephants.

This is an example of what we deal with daily. If we're lucky, a sign (or a grocery item) will have a couple of English words (and in this case, Latin) and maybe a picture so that we can make a guess at the text. Here we most likely missed out on some White Tiger facts. The kids always ask us what a sign says. Probably to them, if you can read, you can read everything!'s the sleeping kitty.

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