Monday, October 29, 2007

Progress reports: Kindergarten style

About every two or three weeks, a "progress report" is written for each child. Here's Elena's: (sorry for the blurry photo.)

Three stars mean "excellent". The third picture on the left side depicts "nap time". Since the kids come home during nap time, that area is left blank. The narrative states that "Elena is adjusting well to a Chinese classroom: she is speaking the language, uses chopsticks well and washes out her drinking cup. However, Elena is very active and she will leave the classroom to go visit her brother down the hall. Please speak to Elena about the importance of staying with her own class."

This is a problem I didn't anticipate since the kids never attended the same school together! And Elena does like to wander. I can just picture her thinking "I wonder what Carlos is doing? I'll go see". Carlos' report will come this week. He usually has one or two areas with two, not three stars. Future report card competition in store for our household?

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