Monday, October 29, 2007

A thirty-nine cent haircut

We are starting our fourth month in China and our hair has been on the shaggy side for some time now. Gustavo's hair gets very curly and my hair develops "wings" that I can't tame. We needed haircuts badly. Gustavo opted for our downstairs neighbor. He finally snagged him - there's always a line of men (and an occassional woman) waiting. Our camera was down, so unfortunately, no photo of the barber cutting hair under the bamboo trees.

Gustavo likes his cut and he really enjoyed the head and shoulder massage that came with it. Not bad for Y3 ($.39).

I wasn't quite ready to trust my head to our neighbor, so I went to one of the dozens of hair cutting places that line the nearby streets. They all seem so busy, so I went to the nearest one. A nice young man washed my hair, cut it, washed it again, then blow dried it, but :( no massage. All for Y8 ($1.04). My Chinese must be better than I thought; I managed to convey to him that I like my hair off my face and he followed my directions. Now, if only the hair stylists at home would listen half as well when I ask in English! I like my cut, but I'd really like to return just to get my hair washed!

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