Sunday, December 16, 2007

The weather outside is...

DELIGHTFUL!! The cold front moved out and for over a week the temps have been in the 60's with a cloudless blue sky and plenty of sunshine. Today was a day to be outside. We headed to Green Lake Park with the intention of seeing the Russian birds (some type of water fowl) that migrate to Kunming every winter. We saw the birds in the air, but couldn't locate their landing spot. (We didn't try that hard - just hoping we would come across it.) But, this is what we did see:

The kids were really impressed with this floating ball "ride":

We were treated to some sweet harmony from these talented ladies:

This sculpture is dedicated to the enviroment:

"Where's my bike?" - a typical parking lot for the country's millions of two-wheelers:

Later, we went to Dico's - China's version of McDonald's. They serve a tasty meal of chicken, rice with mushrooms, tomatoes & cucumbers with a bowl of egg drop soup for Y13 (under $2). The food is tastier, healthier and cheaper than McD's. And the bonus is an awesome playscape at the downtown location. Here's Mr. C. taking a break from jumping and climbing. Meanwhile, his sister wouldn't stand still long enough for a photo op; hence, a no-show from the "I'm too busy" Miss E.:


Anonymous said...

I enjoy following your daily posts
from China. Those balls floating
on the water looked like fun.
Curious in USA.

Carmen in Dearborn said...

Beautiful pictures, showing a beautiful day! Glad you had such a nice Sunday. However, on the other side of the world, in Michigan, we had our first significant snowfall -- 8" in Detroit -- with high winds -- "blizzard-like". We spent a good part of the afternoon shoveling/blowing snow, to dig out!

Carmen in Dearborn