Sunday, December 9, 2007

Soccer Sunday

Gustavo has been playing soccer for about a month now, which makes him one happy guy! The games are on Saturday or Sunday, in venues near and far. He found this group a little late in the season, but they welcomed him just the same. They are all connected to one of the nearby five universities. The season will end this month and a new one starts early March. Here is the motley crew. They're not in unifrom as this photo was taken after a non-league match. It's truly an international group - 10 countries from six continents are represented.

Our social life has picked up. We see the New Zealand couple Lew and Chris now and then. At the KMUST Sport Day event, I met a 50-something American woman, married to a 40-something Chilean man, who are here with two kids - sound a bit familiar?! Even though Susan and Eduardo's kids are older (ages 13 & 16) than ours, we have way too much in common for that to make a difference. Their girls have been raised and schooled mostly in Chile and now attend the international school (English instruction) here. This is the family's third year in Kunming and they are a wonderful resource. Eduardo is also very involved with the local soccer scene, which has opened more soccer related avenues for Gustavo. However, both families are leaving shortly for a 6-10 week stay in their respective home countries. Avoiding winter and enjoying summer in the southern hemisphere sounds like a plan! So, we'll reconnect with everyone after the Chinese New Year, February 7. We are also on friendly terms with a few of the Kindergarten parents. Hopefully that will turn into some friendships too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann

I had tried before to post to this and I hope this time it takes. I love the journey and your writing about all the adventures this experience comes with. I did not quiet get the Spanish - you know my foreign language talents are extremely limited. I look at all the history of all those places you are having the opportunity to visit and see in person. How wonderful.

Best of luck with the cold spell -- Michigan is finally hit with the ice tonight and hopefully there will be a delay or no school tomorrow - we all could use a snow day...

Take care

Maxine Yetter