Saturday, December 8, 2007

Emerald Chicken Park

Since the air was cool and the sun was intense, we went to a new park after lunch: the Emerald Chicken. I have no idea how the park got its name, as we saw nothing that remotely resembled a bright green chicken! Maybe it's one of those "lost in translation" phrases. Some highlights:

The park consisted of a lot of concrete, but it did have grass, trees, benches and a walking path in the middle. On the other side, there is a large flat area of concrete for wheeled activities. Also a restaurant and snack shop is available. We spent most of the time in the exercise/play area.

One unhappy balloon lady. I guess sales aren't going well today.

Nothing like a heated game of mah jong to draw a crowd.

Trying out the equipment: "Twist and shout!" I suggested. Of course, that flew way over these two (very young) heads!

This is one of two dance and music performances going on. Many of the ethnic minority groups often share some of their culture through dances in the parks.

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