Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dinner with the Yue Jiang family

Friday night we had the pleasure of dining at the home of Hua, Jin and their son Xue Xi, who is Carlos' classmate. They live a couple buildings from us. It was a wonderful evening of good food and new friends.

The gang and us (from left to right): Yie laoshi (teacher Yie (Carlos' teacher - he adores her)- but we don't know her first name!), her son Peter (and we don't know his Chinese name), Hua, Xue Xi, and Jin. We figured Yie laoshi was invited because her husband was out of town presenting a paper (he teaches in the geography department) and Peter because his English is quite good. Plus, they are two very delightful people.

The "boys" enjoying the first of several potent Chinese-style shots:

Not only can Peter play this traditional flute, he's also a talented pianist. He was still in his school uniform - YUSS stands for Yunnan University Secondary School - a highly competitive Kunming high school. He's one neat kid.

After Peter entertained us with his piano skills, Xue Xi showed us his. For only being five years old, he played some advanced pieces. On the weekends many Chinese children attend some type of extra schooling, ie. music, dance, art, math or English lessons for the elementary school age and math, English or Chinese language, literature and history (the university admission test prep subjects) for the secondary school age.

With all the piano playing going on, our kids had to get into the act. Carlos can sound out a decent melody. He has been drawn to our piano ever since he could reach the keys. Looks like we'll be looking for a piano teacher (and for me, too; I used to play quite well) when we get home!

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