Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Michigan Angels!

We went to the main post office today to pick up not one, not two, but three packages! Was this a good day or what?! The downtown post office (post offices and banks are open seven days) is where the international packages sit until the lucky recipients show up with passports to claim them. The kids (and the big kids, too) couldn't wait to get home to tear into these. Here's what thrilled us:

A big, big THANK YOU to our good friends Jeni, Mike, Nicolas, Alex and Baby Grace for all our favorites. C. and E. love the Scooby snacks, fruit snacks, graham cracker treats, mac/cheeses and magazines. G. is happy beyond belief to have his Nescafe Clasico again (2 jars worth, no less), and I, of course, live for my papers and magazines (btw, those M&Ms are all mine!).

The kids received this wonderful package of goodies from their godparents (and cousins) Stephanie and Cody. What a wonderful surprize! Included were new sweatshirts (everyone is probably getting tired of seeing them in photos wearing the same ol' ones), lots of sweets, some neat toys, cool Christmas themed things and the Shrek the Third DVD (they have the the first two Shrek movies memorized in English and Spanish!). THANK YOU/MUCHAS GRACIAS! Your godchildren absolutely love and adore both of you!

Hugs and kisses to all our angels from G.A.C.E!!

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