Thursday, December 13, 2007

KMUST "Gardens"

I'm not sure what the official name is of this area of campus, but I call it "the gardens". To picture the Li Gong campus, imagine a recantangle-shaped bowl. The campus has four tiers - the "rim" or top tier is the woods, the third tier is faculty/employee housing, the second tier is the gardens and the final tier is the flat part of the bowl: the academic/adminstrative/ buildings, student dorms, dining halls and athletic facilities. Here are some scenes:

The university guesthouse: many colleges have a guesthouse/hotel on campus. Seminars and other events take place on campus and the location is ideal for attendees. Sometimes universities also rent out the rooms (two beds, western bathroom, tv) to the public for about Y200 ($26) per night. We stayed in something similiar in Shanghai.

The tennis court is open to anyone affiliated with the U. An additional court is in the "woods".

Ditto for the croquet court, although it's primarily used by the senior set.

Three levels of paths with tables and stools are available. This area stretches the length (north-south) of the university. The Kindergarten is also located on the garden level.

One of the paths that connect the housing "tier" to the academic "tier" via the gardens. This is my commute (a less than 15 minute walk door to door) to and from class.

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