Sunday, December 2, 2007


It's cold!! I know that all of you in the Midwest can relate with the recent snow and ice. And it looks like the worst of the storm didn't quite get as far as Michigan, right? Well, you have company. Last night we were jolted with a cold front (from Siberia, maybe?) coming in. Even though we are not experiencing freezing temperatures, we are cold. It's a dry cold with the temps in the low 40's. The temperature has been dropping and the wind has been picking up all week.

Today I opened up our "Winter suitcase". Gustavo and the kids were surprized (and glad) to see their warm coats. We've had the hats and gloves out for a while now. (There was a strange cold spell that lingered for a week in October.) Since I experienced winter in two other countries that do not have central heat, I ignored the conventional wisdom to forego packing the winter gear. Ha! Winter is winter, which means one thing - cold (san the Carribean). Not only did I pack the coats, hats, gloves, long underwear, wool socks, scarves and ear muffs (for me), I brought along an electric blanket, two down throws, and winter slippers. I did leave the boots at home though, mainly because I detest wearing boots!

We do have a small heater that can take the chill off. With no central heat, it can be warmer outside than inside. December is the coldest and driest month for Kunming. It can get as low as freezing and it has snowed for a day or two in recent years. If it's cloudy, it's downright uncomfortable. If it's sunny, it feels much warmer, and wearing sunscreen is advised because the sun is so intense.

I like to believe that God created Winter so we would appreciate the other three seasons all the more. Remember, we'll get through this one, just like the ones before. Stay warm!


Sophie's Mom said...

I woke to 15 degrees this morning. I go outside in shorts (to the mailbox or car) in 40 degree weather! I guess it's all what you're used to.

Stay warm! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann and Gustavo and children... So Ann you should feel right at home with the winter weather??? I It is winter here too. We had our first snow storm over the weekend. It appears that you are all doing well. Aunt Peggy and I enjoy reading all of your adventures. Thank you for sharing. Love and Kisses to you all.

Sandy (your cousin)

Julie said...

Its freezing here in Northern MI. Now I know why grandpa and grandma left this snowbelt area.Stay warm aunt Ann.Love, Julie, Kaitlynn,Brooklynn,and Jacqulynn