Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Movies

We noticed that the Disney movie Ratatouille was playing at a theatre near us, so we decided to see it before it left town. Movies at the big screen don't last long, but soon after the DVD (and all the bootleg copies) become readily available. The ticket girl was hesitant to sell us tickets, making sure that we knew that the movie was "no English". We said "dui" (ok, no problem), bought the tickets and entered the cinema. It was huge - 6 floors, with 6 screens per floor. With comfortable seats and excellent screen quality, we enjoyed the show. We understood the movie just fine and it was fun picking out the Chinese that we do know.


Anonymous said...


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Majewski Family said...

Ann, I have read your month of November and now your first post for December. I am in complete awe at how well your whole family is doing in China. Your "Got Get Em" attitude has me so impressed! I read your blog and hang on every word and picture. Thank you so much for sharing!