Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yuantong Temple

We spent a peaceful afternoon at Yuantong Temple - the largest and oldest in Kunming. Some areas are over a thousand years old and other areas are newer, as evident of the contruction we saw. The surroundings are quiet, with the chanting of Buddhist monks in the air. Elena was mesmerized by the hundreds (maybe thousands) of fish and turtles in the ponds. Carlos was fascinated by the many images of Buddah. Here are some scenes from today:

Aside from the many statues of Buddah housed inside smaller temples, there were several in grotto-like areas, near the back and in the oldest sections.

This sign was found across the street from the temple. Interresting use of the word "weapon" and so close to a sacred spot whose religion's main tenet is peace. But, I do consider mastering Chinese as my "weapon of choice for survival" these days!

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