Friday, November 2, 2007

Lunch, and sometimes dinner

is eaten in one of the university cafeterias. We eat lunch here Monday through Friday and Sunday. Depending on how it's going with the kids, we'll have dinner in a dining hall two or three times a week. The kids have lunch (and breakfast) everyday at school. On Saturdays, we usually have lunch at home or, if it's time for our monthly treat for western food, at a restaurant. Breakfast is always at home, and also dinner when we don't eat in a dining hall.

First, we trek across campus. This is the main square in front of the library. It's devoid of people in this photo because everyone is either at lunch or in class. This area is very popular on Sundays with families. Kids can ride bikes, rollerblade, kick a ball or just run around. There are few flat, open spaces for kids to play. The building in the background is the main academic Engineering building.

We then enter a pedestrian tunnel and this is the tunnel exit. Most of the dorms and all of the dining halls are across a busy street. Using the tunnel is shorter and safer. Walking through the tunnel reminds me of the "cafeteria connectors" during my Henry Hall days at WMU.

This is dining hall number 1. There are six halls of various sizes to choose from and each one has one or two of our favorite dishes. Why can't all of our faves be in one place?! We usually eat here or in #3.

The area to get the food. I hestate to use the word "line", as there are no "lines" in China (except at banks and large grocery stores). There are about 50 or so choices. You choose an item, a server puts it on the tray, then you swipe a card for the charge. The prices vary if it's a meat or vegetable dish.

Our meals! Both trays of food usually costs about Y8 (around a dollar). Can you believe the amount of food for 50 cents per person?! A similar meal at a restuarant would cost about Y8-Y15 for a large one dish meal with soup per person. The cafeteria food is just as tasty as any restaurant we have tried. Bon appetit! BTW - I no longer bring a spoon for the soup. When in Rome...

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I wouldn't cook with such good food
for such reasonable prices.
Curious in USA