Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Lazy Saturday

Since there weren't any classes on Friday, I was able to grocery shop a day early (alone in peace and with the added bonus of no crowds). So we had a very laid-back Saturday. Here are some high(low)lights...

This is a very typical China scene. With no dryers, everyone must hang-dry. When we are walking around, we'll play I Spy..."I spy a red shirt..." The kids are getting very good at picking out details.

Elena spotted this orange tabby. She loves kittens (and penguins). And of course she wanted to take it home.

Love those quesadillas! Mommy & Papi enjoyed the chips and salsa, too.

We watched some old men fly kites. It was amazing on how high in the sky they could get.

It's not Fall unless you play in the leaves at least once! No big maple or oak tree leaves here, so these little bamboo ones will have to do.

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