Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Holiday Bazaar

A Scandanavian business, Nordica, hosts an annual Christmas Bazaar. Most of the booths showcased the area's minority Chinese arts and crafts. There are over 50 ethnic minority Chinese groups and about 25 of these groups live in Yunnan Province. Nordica is a cafe (outstanding Swedish meatballs and desserts, we've been told), an art gallery, holds dance and art classes, concerts and sponsors tours to the minority regions. During December, special Christmas smorgasbords, concerts and Scandanavian traditional crafts classes are held. It was a fun afternoon and we will return.

Two pairs of busy hands decorating paper ornaments to give our home the holiday look.

A scene from the fair. A nice mix of Chinese and European ethnicities in attendance.

Goods from one of the many tables.

Two "Northeners" enjoying cups of hot chocolate. Even though the weather didn't warrant it (the temps were in the low 60's), it sure tasted good and reminded us of a real winter.

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