Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Humble Abode

It's small, sparsely furnished with barren walls, but we are comfortable in our home away from home.

Here's the living room.

Another view of the living room, looking towards our "porch" - the place to hang laundry. No dryers (a big energy drain), so luckily things dry quickly. I sure do miss the convenience of having one though.

The view from the living room. We look out on another building's kitchens. We have a grandma and grandpa directly across and can watch them make dinner!

The kitchen. It's nice and bright. On the wall is the water heater. On sunny days we use the solar heater. There is a two burner gas stove, which I love. I have electric at home (and had electric before on Raymond), which I don't like at all. No oven - very rare here. I do miss my oven since I'm the queen of the "one-dish" meal. There are microwave ovens available, but one didn't come with this flat. Most everything is coooked using a wok anyway. The washing machine is in front of the heater.

The view from the kitchen sink area.

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