Monday, November 5, 2007

Outside of O.H.A.

Entrance to our building. Press the buzzer for #404. Come on up! It's a walk-up. Only new construction with at least 10 floors have elevators.

As we exit the door, this is to our right.

And to our left.

University housing is up the hill from the main campus. Behind the housing are woods that act as a buffer from the noise from the main road behind. I'll post later about the woods - it's much more than a bunch of trees.

University housing consists of about 120 buildings with 5 to 7 floors with two or three entrances. We are in an older section, built around 1970. The newer buildings were built in the early 90's. The outside design is the same but there is a variety of floor plans. And peeking in some of the flats, many are furnished beautifully! Those buildings "look" newer. All ages live here - retired folk, young and middle-age families. Single employees live in dorm-style accomodations located closer to the student dorms. Non-university people were recently allowed to buy, so a few residents are not affiliated with the U. Employees do not have to live on campus, but the location can't be beat. Only a ten minute walk to the classrooms and to the Kindergarten. The grounds are kept up nicely. It looks like it would be crowded and noisy, but it isn't. For the amount of people in a small area, it's very peaceful. And when we walk around at lunch and dinner times, the aroma is heavenly! An opera singer lives nearby. We hear her singing almost everyday when we walk the kids back home for the break. Our section of the building has 10 flats. We've only seen about half of our close neighbors so far.

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