Sunday, November 25, 2007

Downtown Sunday

We went downtown today to try out a new restaurant. MaMaFu's comes highly recommended in the guide books, on the Kunming message boards and from people who've we met. The kids loved their grilled cheeses and french fries. Gustavo raved about his meal - a hamburger - and said that it was the best meal he's had in China. (I took a bite of it and wasn't that impressed!) However, his hamburger was a lot better than my order. I thought what I ordered was a baked potato with cheese, broccoli and bacon bits. What came was something similar, but not exactly what I was hoping for (plus it had too much pepper on it!). So Gustavo ate that also, and I finished off the left-over grilled cheeses (and the salads that came with it!! First time we've seen salad in China). We'll return, but next time I need to read the menu more carefully! Here are some sights on our way to lunch:

The entire country is eagerly awaiting the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I bet every city has some sort of display like this one that's made with local flowers.

The Olympic mascots with names are depicted on the reverse of the display.

Another flower display in front of Government Square. Can you tell who the ruling party is? LOL!

A part of the government square complex. The morning fog was just about to lift.

"Hey! Whatcha lookin' at?"

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