Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zaijian China!

The journey is the reward - Chinese proverb. Thanks for the memories! China will always have a special place in our hearts.

Enjoying a final cup of delicious Yunnan coffee at Salvador's this morning:

This is it. After nearly eleven months (10 months in Kunming, three weeks plus in Shanghai), we are saying our last goodbyes and will be leaving for the airport in a few hours. We depart Kunming around midnight, get into Seoul about 5am, leave for Chicago at 11am, arrive Chicago 11 am the same day, then arrive Detroit at 4pm. Whew!

Thanks for coming along this crazy ride with us. We enjoyed the company. But please check back. Once we're home and have the internet up and running, I'll be posting some final thoughts. Off to pick up the kids from school and prepare for take off...


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip back home.
Curious in USA

mimifrancoise said...

Bon voyage back to the USA. I have enjoyed reading your blog.
Fran (mimi to Zoe and Maya)

Anonymous said...

Por fin de vuelta a america!, ojala este bien usted y su familia,si que ha sido toda una odisea el viaje a china, ojala esten todos bien, adios tio!, ojala nos podamos ver pronto


Majewski Family said...

Ann, I will so miss following your blog from China. It has been so interesting. Safe travel back home and we would love to get together with you when you return.