Friday, June 6, 2008

Packing Up and Shipping Out

The sorting process for the upcoming packing has begun. Yesterday (Thursday) I hauled a very heavy suitcase of magazines, books, playing cards, puzzles and assorted odds and ends to one of my classes to see if I could give some of it away, instead of just dumping it. I thought I would be left with three-fourths of it. Surprise! All the stuff had new owners in less than three minutes! I was very pleased that it was just me and an empty suitcase heading back down four flights of stairs, a walk across campus, then another four flights of stairs up to the apartment.

The university gives us a 1000 RMB shipping allowance and the use of a van and driver to the international post office. And we lucked out! The cost of shipping a little more than 40 kilos was just over the thousand yuan mark.

One brings the boxes to the post office opened. The postal employee looks through everything, repacks it (!), then seals it up with tape. Next it's weighed and put on a machine to be strapped.

"G'bye Stuff! Here's hoping we meet up again sometime in August!"

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed immensely reading
your daily events about living in
China. Wishing you and your family
a great time left in China and a
safe trip back to the states.
Your kids are adorable. Curious in