Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Day in the Life - Morning

Friends invited us to spend the day with them. I love it when we get the opportunity to peek into the lives of "the everyday Chinese".

While the Western and Chinese Christians are in church services Sunday mornings, others are busy with physical activities. This is in the university woods.

We stopped to play a game of table tennis. Most of the housing complexes have community rooms and grounds for physical activites. Many of the wealthier ones have playgrounds, tennis courts, pools and soccer fields. Since we are in university housing, residents can also use the university sport facilities. There are very few public parks, and those have limited exercise equipment. They are mostly used for a place to sit.

Then on to the university fieldhouse for badminton.

The kids enjoying a late morning treat: from left: Shan Shan, E., C., Jing Jing, Wei Wei

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