Thursday, June 12, 2008

Class dismissed!

Another school year down! This was the final week of classes. At least it was for my department. There seems not to be a central calendar, as departments and schools have their own end dates. Some do not finish until mid July.

I had a great group of students and it was nice having the same sections since September. Next week final exams are given. All that remains to be done is the exam grading, posting final grades and writing course evaluations. During the second semester I saw five groups of students-three sections of third year students (Survey of English-Speaking Countries) and two sections of second year students (Writing). As you can see from the photos, "English Major" is certainly more of a "girl thing"!

Survey class - Section 1:

Writing class - Section 1:

Survey class - Section 2:

Survey class - Section 3:

Writing class - Section 2:

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