Sunday, June 15, 2008

Between the raindrops,

we managed to get out of the apartment today. Today was one of those rainy days where it rains hard for an hour, stops for thirty minutes, then rains for another hour. The cycle finally broke with the sun coming out around three o'clock. The original plan for today was to make a trip to LuFeng, home to World Dinosaur Valley, about 60km from Kunming. That is an all-day event. Given the weather and that the kids are fighting a summer cold (low energy), we nixed that idea.

C. enjoying some down time-playing yahtzee-while the rest of us were true to form: E. drew, G. watched soccer and A. read.

Mommy and Papi had a yearning for coffee, so we boarded the #98 to McD's:

This might be all that we see of World Dinosaur Valley-this promotional display near McD's-given that we have one final weekend in China. (Photo taken a few weeks ago.)

P.S. A Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads!! I just realized (and it's late evening here) that today is Father's Day. I think I need to return to the land of mass marketing and commercialism of everything so that I have a clue!

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