Thursday, January 31, 2008

Taking the long way home

In reality, the scheduled 18 hour train ride from Chengdu to Kunming took our train 19.5 hours. Although long, it was a nice way to travel. We were able to see some of the countryside and small towns of southwest China.

C. enjoyed stretching out on his bunk. With the yin and yang nature of our kids, C. slept like a rock from 9pm to 7am. The train made a stop about every hour throughout the night. E. woke up screaming every time and had a restless night.

E. made friends with the girl in the next set of bunks. Most of the passengers were families and single men heading home for the new year holiday.

We've been back about a week now, catching up with laundry, grocery shopping and just kicking back. It's good to feel the warmer temps and see the sun once again. The kids also have a cold/respiratory thing going on, so we're taking it easy. We still have about three weeks until school starts up and plan to visit some sights in and around Kunming.

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