Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Giant Pandas

The highlight of being in Chengdu is visiting the Giant Panda Breeeding Research Base. Lucky for us, the bears were wide awake and hungry, so we were able to see many. The cool temps (mid twenties) also helped. The most fun part was viewing the nursery where the bears are about a year old. They put on quite a playful show for us. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed.

E. and especially C. were thrilled to finally see the pandas up close. We've been looking forward to this part of the trip for months.

These bears are teenagers/young adults and like their human counterpart, a main activity is eating - a lot.

This is a red panda, much smaller and faster moving than his black and white cousins:

Here we are starting our morning in front of the kindergarten area. We were at the center until noon. Can't come to Chengdu and not see the pandas!

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Anonymous said...

Hey C & E these Pandas look pretty cool. We want to see some too but mom says they live far away. We have kangaroos at our zoo which we will show you when you come home in the summer. Love Nicolas and Alex