Saturday, January 5, 2008


We are starting our sixth month in China and have six more months to go! Time is flying and we have so much more to see, do and learn. The target date to be home is June 25, give or take a few days.

FYI - the buzz is The Party hacks are up to their ol' tricks. If you don't see a post for a while that means the routes to blogs have been shut down. We have been lucky so far and even had access to Blogger for a week or two. (One needs to go through the "back door" to post and read blogs.) The concept of free speech hasn't exactly been embraced by the Authority. We just heard that Skype (internet phone service) will be compromised by the end of the month. And by coincidence maybe (?), our cable tv service is "out of order" today! Cable tv doesn't offer too much, but it does have one English language news/arts channel and two or three kids' channels (Mandarin) that C. and E. enjoy. Sigh...these are the times we long for life in "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

We're off to Dali Sunday morning for a three day trip and will post when we return.

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