Monday, January 28, 2008


This city is so different in almost every aspect from Kunming. An added bonus was that the hotel was wonderful, the food was delicious, and because of the hilly terrain, no bikes! (Which means we only had to dodge four-wheeled vehicles to avoid being run over!) Unfortunately, we never did connect with Serena, which was disappointing. But Chongqing didn't disappoint.

The weather was cool - in the low forties, with perpetually overcast skies.

The Jialing River looking north:

This part of the city is built along the ancient Huangpo Cave dwellings. The city in general reminded us of Chicago in December. Must have beeen the combination of skyscrapers close together, the rivers and the cool temps.

Looking up from what now occupies the caves:

Stopping at Starbucks was a treat! The infamous coffee shop hasn't graced Kunming yet.

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Anonymous said...

Nicolas and I get a Starbucks before we go Krogering every week-he gets a hot coco and then helps me shop! Whatever keeps a 6 year old happy for an hour works for me!
J :)