Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chengdu - Part 1

While Chongqing evoked images of Chicago, Chengdu reminded us of Kansas City - flat land with mostly lowrise, squared buildings. Starting on day 2, the temperature dropped and the precipitation increased, leaving us with temps in the high 20s and seeing snowflakes.(Later we heard a news report that Chengdu hadn't had snow in a decade. The lowest temps normally are in the mid thirties). There were several outdoor sights (i.e. parks and temples) to take in, but we opted to stay indoors as much as possible. Chengdu is near to Tibet and several influences of Tibetan culture is evident. Outside of the city one can see the mountain ranges. We were impressed with Chengdu, a very vibrant city making it a nice place to visit or live.

The main square: Looks like we were traveling with our own "mini Mao".

We spent almost one full day at the Chengdu Science and Technology Museum - a very informative, fun place.

Two future mathematicians testing a theorm using sand. (Don't ask - I didn't understand the explanation given!)

Our "third kid" getting height and weight measured by this colorful butterfly:

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