Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Ho-Hum (?) Weekend

We had a non-eventful weekend (which is probably an oxymoron when you are a foreigner in China). G. played soccer both days as the teams are winding down the season. With the universities ending for the semester and the Chinese New Year approaching, many of the team members are or will be traveling. Matches resume late February. The kids needed new shoes, so I and the kids headed downtown to make that purchase, lunched at Dicos and enjoyed the playscape, then stopped at Carrefour to pick up a few things. As usual, on the weekend, the store is mobbed. We couldn't help but notice a big commotion (i.e. more than the normal insanity) going on in the books/media section. Many people were gathered, pointing and talking excitedly. There in the middle of all this, stood a very bewildered-looking (and probably somewhat frightened) African couple trying to edge themselves to the exit. Upon seeing that, E. said, "I think those people want to go home now". She most likely was right! Looks like they picked the wrong time to check out Carrefour!

As we were getting ready to start our day on Saturday, we heard some banging, pounding, and several male voices shouting. Then the electricity was cut. We opened the apartment door and saw this:

The meters were being taken out of the building. Everyone has their own meter right outside their door. Ahh, so that was the notice that was posted on the entrance all week. Oh, the annoyances and perils of illiteracy!

When we returned a few hours later, the spot looked like this:

Wonder if it'll be smoothed over and painted? LOL! We're not counting on it. The hallway of the building looks like it has only seen one coat of paint - the original one!

Our new meter now keeps company with the others in the building two floors down. We are #404. To our Wisconsin friend TJ the Electrician: May we have your professional opinion? Is this new or old technology?

See what I mean about "non-eventful"?!

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