Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Adios Pig, Hello Rat!

The Chinese New Year (on February 7 this year) is like Halloween (lots of sweets), Thanksgiving (families travel near and far), Christmas (gift giving) and Fourth of July (mega fireworks) combined.

Bye-bye Piggy. Many pig images were in the trash today:

Welcome Mr. Rat (or Mr. Mouse):

New Year greetings by this friendly crew:

Need a new year wish to hang on your door, wall, rearview mirror?

Sugarcane is a popular treat:

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures, they're great. Carlos and Elena are now clearly part of the Chinese landscape. Looks like winter in Kunming is chilly. Any appreciable snow yet? Right now we're digging out from midwinter white. Hope all is going well. Love Jim B. Traverse City