Monday, February 18, 2008

Kunming City Museum

Sorry to not have posted earlier, but Blogger has been giving me problems lately. Since we returned from our travels, we have been laying low. The kids had a cold/bronchial thing for a couple of weeks (another trip to the clinic, but was given some fantastic Chinese herbal cough syrup), then the weather turned colder with rain, which made us lazy on getting out and about. We've been quite spoiled by the blue skies and sunshine of December and January, so the rain must mean Spring is coming soon.

On Sunday we ventured to the Kunming City Museum and learned many things about our adopted hometown. Kunming has a long history, but it really came into being (and had a name change) around 1400 A.D at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, hence the "Ming" in Kunming.

The pride and joy of the museum - an early Ming era pillar:

Kunming/Yunnan Province was known for its bronze wares. 1400 of the 1600 known bronze drums like this one has been discovered in Yunnan.

C. thought this Yunnanasaurus was cool, unlike his sister, who, when walked into the exhibit room, took one look and bolted towards the exit!

Examples of Ming era Kunming pottery:


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