Friday, February 22, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Happy 6th Birthday to our Carlitos! You are a most wonderful son, brother, grandson, godson, nephew, cousin and friend. Here's how Carlos Vincent Luis spent his special day:

Sharing presents with his sister: (E. decided she was a "big" kid too, and chose her outfit today :) Also, tomorrow we are going for the much needed haircuts to be ready for back-to-school Monday.)

Gotta have candles and cake!

Lunch at the restaurant of his choice: Dico's.

Enjoying his gift (a bank) from the Dico's staff. They also announced his name over the P.A. and played the birthday song.

Yesterday at age 5. Can you see the difference?! He told us that when he turned six, he wants to drink tea. That's the first thing he asked for this morning!

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday !!!!

Stephanie and Cody