Saturday, April 19, 2008

World Horticulture Expo Garden cont.

Admiring an exhibit in the bonsai garden:

Many brides have their pictures taken in public gardens, months before the actual wedding date.

There are about thirty world gardens on display. We only saw a handful, including this one, of course. The USA exhibit was quite a hike away and we were almost at meltdown stage. Well, we do know what a Michigan garden looks like!

A proud Chileno standing in "his" garden:

C. at the end of the day taking a break in the little shade that can be found. Notice how he is sitting - the Chinese squat. One sees people sitting like this everywhere - eating lunch, waiting for the bus, talking on the phone, etc. C. does this every chance he gets and seems very comfortable with it. Man, it looks like it would hurt after a (very short) while!

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