Friday, April 18, 2008

Our definition of insanity

is to spend hours in bookstores browsing through books that we will never be able to read! This semester, our morning coffee dates are on Mondays. Usually afterwards, we'll stop in one of the many university area bookstores because, well, just because they're there. The bookstores do carry a small section of books in English, mainly English language textbooks and some translated classic literature (which the patent has long expired). One time, I saw a very thin edition of Gone With the Wind. After a closer inspection, this volume had chapters missing and those that were included were in a condensed version! Geez, reading GWTW in that form would certanly lose that magical feeling of a literary masterpiece!

Here's Mr. Foreigner looking as literate as one can in this five story building:

And Mrs. Foreigner about to flip through a book on tea, we think?

Ah, so many books, so little ....

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