Saturday, April 19, 2008

World Horticultural Expo Garden

In April 1999, Kunming hosted this world event and the massive gardens are still very impressive nine years later. The place is huge and is difficult to see most of it during a day's visit, let alone only having a few hours with kids in tow. We didn't get to see nearly enough and this would be a great place to visit again.

Here's the proof that we were actually there!

The sign said that this creation is the Expo's "mascot" Ling Ling. A continuous flow of water kept the flowers from wilting.

Shortly after we arrived, there was a parade of floats, dancers and a band.

This is not the prettiest picture, but we've never seen young palm trees in bloom. Never knew!

A favorite son of China, Confucious, at the entrance to the herb garden.

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