Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

We kept pretty close to home this weeend due to C. having minor tummy troubles. Also the weather changed from very comfortable Spring temps to a scorching Summer heat all week long. A day at a park in the hot sun didn't sound inviting at all.

E. and I did some shopping Saturday and her knowledge of Mandarin came in handy. We were at the checkout and the clerk said something - all I knew it had to do with the denominations. (Many times they ask for the one yuan as to not wanting to give them out. However, one yuans are needed for the bus and I don't like to be short.But that wouldn't apply to this particular situation.) So the clerk repeated her request and I was just going to feign ignorance (ok - no pretending, the ignorance is real) and move on. But E. piped up and said "Momma, the lady wants you to give her 10 yuan so she can give you 50 back". Exactly. The bill was about 60 yuan and I handed her a 100 bill. So instead of getting back two twentys, I got a fifty instead, which is prefered anyway. Way to go E.!

A favorite lunch of ours is steamed pork dumplings, with rice and two or three vegetable dishes. Here's G. and E. enjoying the ambiance at the Hong Dou Yuan restaurant.

After, we stopped for drinks at Chapter One, the restaurant/bar that sponsors G.'s soccer team. The kids just got a new magazine to look at so we enjoyed our beers with minimal interruption. Despite the heat, C. insisted on wearing heavy clothes today. Some battles are not worth fighting.

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