Monday, April 21, 2008

Asked and Answered

Normally I would reply to a question via the comment section. However, being in China, one can't access their own blog or comments... it's that pesky concept of free speech again! ( secret how it's possible ;) So if anyone has a question, please feel free to ask and I will post a reply to the best of my ability.

USA commented: "Why so many rules to swim? I can understand the cap due to problems with hair in the filters, not the other one."

A.'s answer: The heck if I know! It's yet another mystery of China. Yes, the cap rule makes sense. I also think in today's world, having a swim cap is ingrained culturally. It would seem bizarre to a Chinese person not to wear a swim cap in a pool. Although the cap rule is enforced, it is not worn properly! What's the point if it's sitting loosly on a head with hair hanging down/out??!!

The "spandex/lycra" rule? Who knows? It must have something to do with a loose fit. We tried to explain that the guys' suits were perfectly acceptable swim gear. As you can see, we didn't get very far with that reasoning! But every male in the pool was wearing a spandex-type suit. The funny thing though, the "lifeguards/monitors" did not wear such a thing. They wore the brightly patterned, long (to the knee or mid calf), loose fitting nylon pants seen on college age males around here. (Not sure if it's a popular style in the US.) The old double standard exists eveywhere.

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