Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Sunday Swim

Our friends from the kindergarten, the Yue Jiang family with Yie laoshi and her son Peter invited us for a swim today at a nearby indoor pool. A perfect andidote for a hot afternoon.

Part of the group before heading into the pool. Use of swim caps are strictly enforced in Chinese pools. Shortly after this photo was taken, G. and C. were denied admittance to the pool. Apparently, their trunks weren't the "regulation close-fit spandex type" needed. We reluctantly forked over the equivalent of five dollars (!!) for two suits at the in-house store and now have the right swim apparel for any pool in China.

Xue Xi coaxing E. to take the plunge.

Three wet monkeys enjoying the water:

"Peace, Momma!"

The view from poolside:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why so many rules to swim?
I can understand the caps due to
problems with hair in the filters,
but not the other. USA