Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Retreat from the World

We had the best of intentions, but we failed to leave the apartment today. Took a morning shower, dressed, ate lunch...then quit moving! Nothing special was planned. We were thinking of going to the downtown Dico's to have a snack and coffee so the kids could enjoy the playscape. After lunch, the kids wanted to watch a DVD. (The last time they watched an English or Spanish DVD was in November. They prefer watching Mandarin language DVDs or the shows on tv.) Once the DVD was on, all interest (and there was little to begin with) to go to Dico's evaporated.

So I popped some corn and they watched their Shrek movies in Spanish and a few Thomas episodes in English. They were so cute : belting out the familiar, but haven't heard in ages, Thomas songs. While the kids were absorbed in the screen action, I read my O magazines and G. took a long nap (he was feeling under the weather today). After a five week vacation, I'm guessing the kids were experiencing a sensory overload of returning to all-day Chinese this past week. They probably couldn't tolerate another peep of Mandarin ! Come Monday morning, it's back to reality...

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