Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Extraordinary Ordinary Weekend

Some new doings, some old:

If it's Friday, that must mean package day. Two weeks in a row! A girl could seriously get used to this! Here's G. doing the honors:

Wow! Goodies for everyone! And candy, candy and more candy. This is being hidden from the kids. If they saw it, then it's "I want everything - now". The candy will be a nice surprise in about a month and the activity books will come in handy for that loonngg plane ride home. A big, big THANK YOU to the B. family from Troy. You're the best Terry and Mary Jo!

After we opened the box, G. and I had a special treat - a weekday lunch off campus. The kids had a school field trip to a park; therefore, they didn't come home for the afternoon break. You bet we took advantage of that rare set up.

On Saturday, while G. was at his game, the kids and I went shopping. First, we stopped at the post office to mail Abuelita Rosa a birthday card (April 15). Then we headed to this clothing store. This is my favorite place to buy kid's clothes. Everything is 10 yuan ($1.40). E. especially is hard on her clothes and she's growing fast. Her lightweight pants from the Fall all look like capris on her. (Photo by C.!)

On the way back we stopped at a DVD store. DVDs cost about 50 cents to two dollars. The selections and quality vary, so it's certainly "buyer beware". I couldn't pass up the entire series of The West Wing (I love that show) for $2.00. Then I worried all the way back that it wasn't in English, only Chinese! Luckily, it works and it's in English! I've seen a few episodes of Strong Medicine on Lifetime and for 50 cents, it's cheap entertainment. C. picked out one of his favorite Chinese cartoons and E. loves her Pokemon. However, that DVD was not in Chinese as expected, but in Japanese!

On Sunday, after church services, we had lunch at Manna Heaven. It's a Chinese food restaurant located along a "Western strip". It has won many awards from Kunming's Western food publications, so we wanted to give it a try. Everything was delicious and we were the only foreigners in the place! It's probably the closest thing to a higher end American Chinese restaurant - but no chop suey or chow mein here! The prices were not dirt cheap like the common noodle shop, but still were half those of the Western style restuarants. C. couldn't get over how good the tea was!

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Majewski Family said...

Ann, so enjoyed reading these posts! I want to come clothes shopping with you! Talk about cheap! The Chinese food sounds good too!