Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Unlike Christmas, which has become very commercialized in China, with its images of Santa, trees, wreaths and wrapped boxes everywhere (and in some cases, still visible), the Easter season doesn't exist. (I did see some chocolate eggs at the European owned Metro Store (they were also the only place I saw Halloween themed merchandise) and one of the big hotels sponsored (an expensive) Easter brunch and egg hunt.) So coloring eggs and getting baskets will happen next year. However, we did have a lovely Easter Sunday.

Enjoying the fellowship before services:

Inside before the service. It was G.'s first time at a non-Catholic service. After a few songs and a bible reading, he asked "When will the Mass start?"!! The kids really liked the Sunday School and G. saw some soccer teammates. So we'll probably return a few more times.

Later, we checked out Tudong Stadium. The Chinese and Australian national teams play on Wednesday and G. has a ticket, naturally.

The original plan was to have lunch at a Western restuarant. We got to one, sat down, looked at the menu, and nothing piqued our interest! Hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries, deli style sandwiches, grilled cheese, pizza, western style breakfast, etc. were not at all appealing. The Chinese food menu was way overpriced. So we left and headed for the noodle restaurant next door. I think our taste buds have changed! We had a a couple of noodle dishes and steamed chicken (that's what's in the terracotta pot) and couldn't have been more satisfied, along with the added bonus of being one-fourth the price of the Western style restaurant next door.

After lunch, we crossed the street to a KFC to have coffee and give the kids the opportunity to burn some energy on the playscape. Many of the fast food restaurants gather up the litle kids, play games and hand out prizes.

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Majewski Family said...

Your Easter seemed like a very pleasent day!