Saturday, March 22, 2008

No pastel eggs, but a big yellow box

arrived from the Easter Bunny! Not much is more sweeter to our ears than to hear these words from the waiban in the university's international office: "There's a package for you from America"! And of course, it's not just a simple walk to the office to pick up said package. First, I do go to the office to pick up the package slip, then we (or usually just me) board bus 83 to reach

the downtown post office. Only one location receives incoming foreign packages: And no, I didn't have to stand in that line. The PO also serves as a bank and bill paying center.

After I showed the slip and my passport, sign my name and write the passport number, I was given this:

On the return trip, I wonder what exactly is in the box, and guard the treasure. This is what was inside: treats for the small kids and treats (newspapers) for the big kids!

I picked up the package Friday morning. Since the kids return from school at noon for the afternoon break, I left the box out to see their reaction when they came through the door. E. took one look and screamed "Tia Karen's here!!"

Notice E.'s body language saying "It's all mine!" How long do you think 80 packs will last?!
Thanks Big Gar and Karen! We're lovin' it!

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