Thursday, May 15, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Is it Friday yet??!! To add to our already not-so-good week, E. suffered a scalding on her arms and face today. It was one of those "dumb Mom moments".

We have a water machine that dispenses both hot and cold water for drinking. E. is really fascinated on how it works and is in a "helping" phase, such as wanting to sweep the floor, etc. for us. For the last week or so, I've been letting her fill up my teacup (the "help" part), while keeping a close eye on her, and she has been doing it wonderfully. Somehow today, she filled up the cup, picked it up, swung around and fell. The hot water splashed on her arms and face resulting in a large burn blister high on her cheek near the eye along with a cut. Hopefully, it will heal okay and as the skin regrows, there will be minimal scarring. I remember vividly at E.'s age being scalded by my Dad's coffee one day during dinner. This will probably be the only memory of China she will have!

The kids are doing fine. The medicines seem to be working and their energy levels haven't changed. They do miss school though. Tomorrow a little treat is needed for this group to celebrate the week's end. A bit of Western food for lunch sounds like it will do the trick! Hmmm...KFC or McD's??....

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Anonymous said...

We are having a "raining/pouring week" ourselves. Alex fell on Mother's day and cut his head open-2 staples for him. Tonight Mike took him to get them out and when they got to the ER he shut Alex's hand in the car door! Poor baby-nothing is broken but Alex came home and told me "daddy is a bad boy he needs a time out" And made Mike sit on the stairs for a few minutes!

So glad you are OK and cannot wait for you to be home!
Jeni and the gang