Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms and "just like a Mom" Moms! Enjoy your day! Mother's Day is celebrated in China on the second Sunday of May and it is becoming more popular each year. People send flowers and telephone their mothers. However, the holiday was originally slated to give attention to the poor and rural women of the country. The holiday has not become commercialized (at least not in Kunming). I have not seen one advertisement!

Here's the card E. made during the after school paper craft class. (C.'s class made giant moving paper cockroaches - yuck!) Yes, that youthful looking lady with blonde hair (and including a slight Asian look) on the card is really me!

E. loves to practice writing "Chinese". This is her Mother's Day letter to me. It is so fascinating to see how the kids take in the language. To E., Chinese characters are the visual imprint she sees in her daily world and the one that her teacher uses at school. Actually, her last "character" in blue looks similiar to the character for "woman"! She also prefers to "read" her Chinese books over the English and Spanish ones we have. I guess for now the only use she has for the Roman alphabet is to print her name!

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